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We Guarantee Our Work

If, within 90 days from the date of your repair, your appliance fails to operate for reasons related to the original appliance service, we will replace any parts that failed due to defects in material or workmanship. We will also perform any maintenance or repairs related to the original appliance service free of charge. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When you schedule online we provide you with the minimum charge. On the day of service, your tech will diagnose your product and provide you with a repair estimate. If you have the repair completed, the minimum charge is covered by your repair cost (it's not extra).

Our Guarantee

Lifetime Water Heater

We are the Only Company that offers LIFETIME Water Heaters

Replace your water heater with us with specific makes and models and we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY as long as you own the home.  

Lifetime Heating and Air Conditioning

We are also the only company that offers a LIFETIME HVAC System

Our LIFETIME Warranty on Heating and Air Conditioning comes with only the top of the line efficiencies.  Your purchase also includes LIFETIME maintenance and Emergency Service.  Plus we install a Monitoring System that tells us when you are about to go into failure reducing all stress on the equipment.  It's a homeowner's dream come true.


We also have NO Credit Check Financing for Heating & Air Conditioning

Not all homeowner's desire the Lifetime Heating and Air Conditioning Systems and we recognize that.  Some homeowner's want to be more price conscience or simply don't have excellent credit.  So we also offer excellent high quality installations with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back policy.  These systems are very popular and we have No Credit Check Financing for those that require it.  Otherwise use one of other low payment financing options.

Excellent Financing Options

We can finance installations and high repair service bills

What?  You never heard of a contractor financing a high repair ticket?

That's why everyone is using My Appliance Repair Company.  Yes!  We can finance service tickets that exceed $1500 at low interest rates and no penalties for early payoff.